from Philippe Dupont

(who runs ABBAinter.net)




Updated june 2, 2012


Dear ABBAinter.net visitors,

YouTube has a fake "ABBAinter.net" channel. I have asked to the usurper to stop, but, it's getting worse. For now, i have no control on this and i'm compromised.

To make it clear :  

usurper’s YouTube channel : LINK .

official ABBAinter.net YouTube channel : LINK

 ABBAinter.net web-site : LINK

Everything is made to communicate as me, nothing is let to the luck : 

YouTube channel-layout duplication .

"ABBAinter.net" trademark, registered-name, logo 

my ID-logo "pHd" (nickname for Philippe Dupont) ..

as soon as i upload a new video, he duplicates ....

"by ABBAinter.net" writen in the titles


As a result, the usurper deceives visitors, as we see messages to Philippe Dupont on wrong channel.


The usurper's YouTube channel steals ABBAinter.net's trademark and tries to capitalize on it's exceptional popularity : more than 3 000 000 single visitors / 8 years.


It is likely, as it happened in the past, that we are dealing with a swindler who tries to create a link with the ABBAinter.net fans, to target them as potential customers...


In any case, the intentions of this usurper are to harm. Recently, he have uploaded a disgusting video : "Agnetha (Fältskog) ass is fat, she admits... by ABBAinter.net" I'm compromised by this vulgarity,


Please, help ABBAinter.net by posting comments on his videos, telling that this account is not the genuine one.


Philippe "pHd" Dupont



PS : as soon as the files are kept intact & not re-edited, everyone is free to re-upload videos on YouTube, this helps ABBAinter.net to be known by the fans.


See how people are mistaken : LINK 



Here is the official ABBAinter.net YouTube page : LINK