September 1979:

6/9/79  Preparations for U.S. tour.

7/9/79  Benny and Frida leave for Canada to have a few days off before the tour starts..

8-9/9/79  Preparations for U.S. tour.

10/9/79  Björn, Agnetha and the tour crew leave for Vancouver via London.

11/9/79  Preparations.



12/9/79  Dress rehearsals.  Todays rehearsals end at 11.30 p.m.

13/9/79  Concert in Edmonton, Edmonton Sports Arena at 8 p.m.  ABBA give a press conference after the concert followed by a party.

14/9/79  A day off. 15/9/79  Concert in Vancouver, P.N.E. at 8 p.m. (Canada).  There is a party afterwards to celebrate Ola Bunkert's 33rd birthday. ABBA staying at the Westin Bayshore hotel.

16/9/79 The four ABBA members relax and enjoy themselves by the hotel pool.

17/9/79  Agnetha prefers to travel by car to Seattle, while the rest take the private jet.  Concert in Seattle, Seattle Arena (USA.)

18/9/79  Agnetha arrives in Portland by car.  During the afternoon, time to relax by the hotel pool  Concert in Portland, Portland Opera House  (USA).

19/9/79  All members fly to San Fransisco by plane. Concert in Concord, Concord Palvillion (USA). Benny & Bjoörn meet journalists after the concert.  After this, they immediately board the plane and fly to LA.

20/9/79  A day off.

21/9/79  ABBA and their children visit Disneyland.

21/9/79  Concert in LA Anaheim, Anaheim Convention Centre.(USA)

22/9/79  ABBA leave for San Diego during the afternoon.  Concert at San Diego Sports Arena. ABBA go back to LA after the concert.

23/9/79  Concert in Tempe, The Active Centre.(USA)



24/9/79  Concert in Las Vegas, Performing Arts Centre/Aladdin Hotel with daughter Linda singing together with the choir 'I Have A Dream'.

25/9/79  A day off with family and close friends.

26/9/79  ABBA leave for Omaha in the morning at 9.00. Concert in Omaha, Civic Auditorium.(USA)

27/9/79  Concert in Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Paul Civic (USA) . ABBA is filmed backstage tonight for the 'ABBA in concert' video.

29/9/79  Concert in Milwaukee, Auditorium (USA)

30/9/79  Concert in Chicago, Auditorium Theatre.(USA)


October 1979:

 'Gimme!, Gimme!, Gimme! ( A Man After Midnight)' - 'The King Has Lost His Crown. Single released.


2/10/79  Concert in New York, Radio City Music Hall. (USA)

4/10/79  Concert in Washington D.C. at the Constitution Hall.(USA)  Concert was cancelled. Due to Agnetha being ill.

5/10/79  While Agnetha recovers, the rest of the group meet president Carter's daughter Ami at the White House.

6/10/79  Concert in Montreal, Forum (Canada)  Agnetha is still recovering.

7/10/79  Concert in Toronto, Maple Leaf Gardens (Canada).

8/10/79 Flight back to Sweden.

9/10/79  Arrive back in Stockholm.