Laughter and tears on the Kristina premiere 

 - Kristina is good for a smaller format, summarized Bjorn Ulvaeus with relief after yesterday's hyped musical premiere.

When the curtain went down after the press premiere the ensemble could relax. We journalists slipped from rubber granules on the stage, in which disguise the fertile soil in Minnesota, while the behavior and Kristina's authors brank ginger ale and champagne.

- We are thrilled! exclaimed the director Lars Rudolfsson.

For his interpretation of the gold turned to sand ,  Oskar in the role of Robert was one of the evening's loudest and longest ovations.

- It was warm. It's hard not to embrace such a response, said Nilsson.

The auditorium was crowded, and among the visiting guests were several Swedes, including actors Sissela Kyle and Gunilla Backman. Kyle's show, My days are numbered, has been sold out in Stockholm and plans were to guest play also in Helsinki, but it did not succeed. Gunilla Backman had the lead role of Donna in Mamma Mia in Stockholm.Both are devoted fans of Kristina.

- I have seen the musical three times and usually listen to music at home. My advice to the Helsinki audience is to be provided with handkerchiefs, said Kyle.

Johan Bengt Påhlsson was head of the Malmo Music Theatre when Kristina premiered 1995. The economic part was discussed even then.

- A musical has many revenue and expense. You have to keep track of the money so you do not think you have more money than is the case, said Påhlsson.

Couple, Georg Borgstrom and Marina Jensen saw Kristina at Cirkus in Stockholm and I remember some excellent scenes.

- When the barley sprout in the spring was very nice, liked Borgstrom.

- And without Viagra, added his wife.

With Kristina the Swedish Theatre is now fully  renovated.

- Now there are limits. But to do good and deeply poignant drama is really the major challenge, said Birgitta Ulfsson

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CD Track listing


Disc: 1

1. Overture - American Theatre Orchestra, Paul Gemignani 

2. Path Of Leaves And Needles - Helen Sjöholm

3. Where You Go I Go With You - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Claire Tendl, Ensemble

4. Stone Kingdom - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson

5. Down To The Sea - Kevin Odekirk

6. A Bad Harvest - Russell Watson, Helen Sjöholm, Madeleine Rose Yen, Ensemble

7. No! - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Kevin Odekirk

8. He's Our Pilot - David Hess, Ensemble

9. Never - Louise Pitre

10. Golden Wheatfields - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Claire Tendl

11. All Who Are Grieving - Ensemble

12. We Open Up The Gateways - Robert Ousley, Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Kevin Odekirk, Louise Pitre, David Hess, Ensemble                   

13. Peasants At Sea - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Ensemble

14. Lice - Helen Sjöholm, Louise Pitre, Joy Hermalyn, David Hess, Ensemble

15. In The Dead Of Darkness - Russell Watson

16. A Sunday In Battery Park - David Hess, Joy Hermalyn, Kevin Odekirk, Ensemble

17. Home - Helen Sjöholm, Claire Tendl, Madeleine Rose Yen, Josh Caggiano, Ensemble

18. American Man - Joy Hermalyn, Helen Sjöholm, Jessica Vosk, Louise Pitre, Walter Charles

19. Dreams Of Gold - Kevin Odekirk, Greg Stone, Russell Watson

20. Summer Rose - Helen Sjöholm, Ensemble

Disc: 2

1. Emperors And Kings - Louise Pitre, Joy Hermalyn, David Hess, Russell Watson, Helen Sjöholm, Ensemble

2. Twilight Images Calling - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson

3. Queen Of The Prairie - Russell Watson, Claire Tendl, Madeleine Rose Yen, Josh Caggiano, Helen Sjöholm, David Hess, Joy Hermalyn, Raymond Jaramillo McLeod, Louise Pitre, Ensemble

4. Wild Grass - Raymond Jaramillo McLeod, Russell Watson, Ensemble

5. Gold Can Turn To Sand - Helen Sjöholm, Kevin Odekirk, Claire Tendl

6. Wildcat Money - Russell Watson, Ensemble

7. To The Sea - Kevin Odekirk

8. Miracle Of God - Louise Pitre, Helen Sjöholm

9. Down To The Waterside - Ensemble

10. Miscarriage - Russell Watson, Louise Pitre

11. You Have To Be There - Helen Sjöholm

12. Here I Am Again - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson

13. With Child Again - Helen Sjöholm, Ensemble

14. Rising From Myth And Legend - Ensemble

15. I'll Be Waiting There - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson




Carnegie Hall concert + New York.


Overture  Prolog Path of Leaves and Needles (Kristina)  Duvemala Hage Where You Go I Go With You (Kristina, Karl Oskar, Marta, Ensemble)  Min Lust Till Dej Stone Kingdom (Kristina, Karl Oskar)   Down to the Sea (Robert)  Ut Mot Ett Hav A Bad Harvest (Karl Oskar, Kristina, Anna, Ensemble)  Missväxt No! (Kristina, Karl Oskar, Robert)  Nej He's Our Pilot (Daniel, Ensemble)  Lilla Skara Never (Ulrika)  Aldrig Golden Wheat Fields (Kristina, Karl Oskar, Marta)  Komm Till Mig Alla  All Who Are Grieving (Ensemble)  Komm Till Mig Alla We Open Up the Gateways (Brusander, Kristina, Karl Oskar, Robert, Ulrika, Daniel, Ensemble)  Vi Öppnar Alla Grindar Peasants at Sea (Kristina, Karl Oskar, Ensemble) Lice (Kristina, Ulrika, Fina-Kajsa, Daniel, Ensemble)  Löss In the Dead of Darkness (Karl Oskar)  Stanna A Sunday in Battery Park (Daniel, Fina-Kajsa, Robert, Ensemble)  same Home (Kristina, Children, Ensemble)  Hemma American Man (Fina-Kajsa, Kristina, EIin, Ulrika, ]ackson)  Tänk Att Män Som Han Kan Finnas Dreams of Gold (Robert, Arvid, Karl Oskar)  Drömmen Om Guld Summer Rose (Kristina, Ensemble)  Min Astrakan


Emperors and Kings (Ulrika, Fina-Kajsa, Daniel, Karl Oskar, Kristina,Ensemble)  Överheten Twilight Images Calling (Kristina, Karl Oskar)  Ljusa Kvällar Om Varen Queen of the Prairie (Karl Oskar, Children, Kristina, Daniel, Fina-Kajsa, Nojd, Ulrika, Ensemble)  Präriens Drottning Wild Grass (Nojd, Karl Oskar, Ensemble)  Vildgräs Gold Can Turn to Sand (Kristina, Robert, Marta) Guldet Blev Till Sand Wildcat Money (Karl Oskar, Ensemble) To the Sea (Robert)  Ut Mott Ett Hav Miracle of God (Ulrika, Kristina)  Ett Herrans Underverk Down to the Waterside (Ensemble)  Down to the Sacred Wave Miscarriage (Karl Oskar, Ulrika)  Missfall You Have to Be There (Kristina)  Du Maste Finnas Here I Am Again (Kristina, Karl Oskar) With Child Again (Kristina, Ensemble)  Hjälp Mej Trösta Rising from the Myth and Legend (Ensemble)  Var Hör Vi Hemma I'll Be Waiting There (Kristina, Karl Oskar)  I Gott Bevar


Complete casting has been announced for the upcoming Carnegie Hall concerts of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus' Kristina, with English lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer, which will play the famed Manhattan venue Sept. 23-24.

As previously reported, Helen Sjöholm, who originated the title role in the Swedish production of Kristina, will repeat her work for New York audiences at Carnegie Hall, where she will be joined by internationally renowned tenor Russell Watson in the role of Karl Oskar.

Newly announced for the two evenings are Mamma Mia!'s Louise Pitre as Ulrika and Les Miserables' Kevin Odekirk as Robert; Odekirk played the role of Robert in the New York workshop presentation of Kristina.

The company will also feature ENSEMBLE Derin Altay  /  Chris Bohannon  /  Jane Brockman  /  Walter Charles  /  Rebecca Eichenberger  /  Osborn Focht  /  Blythe Gruda Liz Griffith  /  Joy Hermlyn  /  David Hess  /  Michael James Leslie  /  T. Doyle Leverett  /  Rob Lorey  /  Frank Mastrone Raymond Jaramillo McLeod  /  Linda Mugleston  /  Jan Neuberger  /  Robert Ousley  /  Sal Sabella  /  Greg Stone Jessica Vosk  /  Kathy Voytko

Lars Rudolfsson will direct the concerts; Paul Gemignani will conduct a 50-piece American Theatre Orchestra.





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