1983 Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Agnetha’s first English-language solo album, 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me', was produced by Mike Chapman and was recorded in Sweden at Polar Music Studios in 1983. 

Wrap Your Arms Around Me

was released on 31 May 1983 through Polar Music.

The album was produced by Mike Chapman.

The first track from the album, "The Heat Is On"is commonly regarded as her best-known 1980s solo hit, while "Can't Shake Loose" became the first of only two solo singles  to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, peaking at number 29. 

The track "Man" was the only song on the album written by Agnetha. The album was a hit in Europe, selling over 1.2 million copies.



Track listing

1.”The Heat Is On” Florie Palmer, Tony Ashton 3:53

2."Can't Shake Loose"  Russ Ballard4:21

3."Shame"  D.C. Allen  3:36

4."Stay"  D.C. Allen  3:17

5."Once Burned, Twice Shy"  Dan Tyler, R.S. Brannan  3:42

6."Mr. Persuasion"  Susan Lynch, Larry Whitman  2:41

7."Wrap Your Arms Around Me"  Mike Chapman, Holly Knight  5:12

8."To Love"  J. Brandt, Randy Goodrum  3:52

9."I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever"  Ballard  4:12

10."Man"  Agnetha Fältskog  3:32

11."Take Good Care of Your Children"  3:43

12."Stand by My Side"  4:15

Total length:37:39

2005 bonus tracks

13."Never Again"  Ledin  3:54

14."It's So Nice to Be Rich" (stereo version)G. Svensson, H. Alfredson  3:41

15."P&B"  G. Svensson, H. Alfredson  4:01

16."The Heat Is On" (Super Dance Music Mix)Palmer, Ashton  7:58

17."Ya Nunca Más" (Spanish version of "Never Again")M.McCluskey, B.McCluskey  3:55


The same year, Agnetha was voted by the readers of Aftonbladet as Best Female Artist of the Year, and received the Music Award Price Rockbjörnen


 1985 Eyes Of A Woman

Two years later (1985) she released Eyes Of A Woman, produced by Eric Stewart

Eyes of a Woman  Eric Stewart (of 10cc fame) produced. It was Agnetha's second album to reach the UK Top 40, reaching No.38. In Sweden, the album peaked at No. 2. It also reached the Top 20 in Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The album was recorded in the Polar Music Studios in Stockholm. Sessions began in early October 1984 and lasted until the end of November. Two of the songs recorded, "Turn the World Around" and "You're There", were not included on the initial album, but were released as B-sides. "You're There" and "I Won't Let You Go" were composed by Agnetha herself with lyrics by Eric Stewart.

The tracks "One Way Love" and "I Won't Let You Go" were released as singles throughout Europe. Agnetha also performed "One Way Love" at the Montreux Music Festival in 1985.

During the photo sessions for the sleeve of the album, Agnetha posed at the terrace of Drottningholm Palace, the official residence of the Swedish royal family, in Stockholm.

Long time ABBA fan Elvis Costello submitted a track "Shatter Proof" for inclusion on the album, however Agnetha decided against recording it.

Track listing

Side One (LP)

1."One Way Love" (Jeff Lynne) – 3:562."Eyes of a Woman" (Paris Edvinson, Marianne Flynner) – 3:56

3."Just One Heart" (Paul Muggleton, Robert Noble) – 3:43

4."I Won't Let You Go" (Agnetha Fältskog, Eric Stewart) – 3:39

5."The Angels Cry" (Justin Hayward) – 4:22

6."Click Track" (Jan Ince, Phil Palmer) – 2:52

Side Two (LP)

7."We Should Be Together" (Jay Gruska, Tom Keane) – 3:57

8."I Won't Be Leaving You" (Eric Stewart) – 5:32

9."Save Me (Why Don't Ya)" (Eric Stewart) – 4:37

10."I Keep Turning Off Lights" (China Burton) – 3:37

11."We Move as One" (John Wetton, Geoffrey Downes) – 4:04

2005 Remastered Bonus Tracks:

12."You're There" (Agnetha Fältskog, Eric Stewart) – 3:29

13."Turn the World Around" (Randy Edelman)– 4:15

14."I Won't Let You Go" (Extended Version) (Agnetha Fältskog, Eric Stewart) – 6:02

15."The Way You Are" (with Ola Håkansson) (T. Norrel-Oson, A. Bard) – 3:45

16."Fly Like the Eagle" (with Ola Håkansson) (T. Norrel-Oson, A. Bard) – 3:05

"The Way You Are" 1986

(with Ola Håkansson)

1986 "The Way You Are"  was recorded by Agnetha and Ola Håkansson of the band Secret Service in 1986. The song was used to promote Falun, Sweden as a candidate for hosting the 1992 Olympic Winter Games. Falun was not selected to host the Games, but the song became a big hit in Sweden.

The song on the B-side, "Fly Like the Eagle", was also a duet by Agnetha and Ola Håkansso. Both songs were featured in the documentary It's Time for Sweden.

The single reached No. 1 in Sweden,  The single was released in Australia and got TV and radio air play, but was not successful in the rest of the world.

7" vinyl

"The Way You Are" (4:10)

"Fly Like the Eagle" (3:06)


12" vinyl

"The Way You Are" (Extended Version) (6:32)

"The Way You Are" (Instrumental Version) (4:07)

"The Way You Are" (7" Version) (4:07)

I Stand Alone

Recorded in Los Angeles  I Stand Alone was produced by Peter Cetera, the former singer and bass guitar player with American rock band Chicago. He duetted with Agnetha on the track "I Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye)", (No.93 Billboard Hot 100 and No.19 Adult Contemporary in the U.S.) The co-producer of the album was Bruce Gaitsch, with whom Agnetha was in a relationship with for a short time later on..

The musical style of the album was very different from the European sounds of Faltskog's previous two albums, and reflected the West Coast American influences of the producers. The album became Sweden's best-selling LP of 1988, where it remained at No.1 for eight weeks. It also reached the Top 20 in Norway and Belgium, and No.22 in the Netherlands, but fared less well on charts elsewhere, only reaching No.47 in West Germany, No.72 in the United Kingdom, No.93 in Japan and No.96 in Australia, however the album featured in the Melbourne top 10.


She also made several promo videos for singles from the album, including "The Last Time" and "Let It Shine". When the third single, "I Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye)", appeared on the U.S. Billboard Chart in April 1988, Warner Music asked her to make another video immediately. Although it was a duet with Peter Cetera, he did not appear in the video.

Album track "Love in a World Gone Mad" was a cover version of a song by  Bucks Fizz, from their 1986 album Writing on the Wall.

Track listing

Side One (LP)

1."The Last Time" – 4:12 (Robin Randall, Judithe Randall, Jeff Law)

2."Little White Secrets" – 4:04 (Ellen Schwartz, Roger Bruno, Susan Pomerantz)

3."I Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye)" – 4:10 (Mark Mueller, Aaron Zigman)

4."Love in a World Gone Mad" – 4:08 (Billy Livsey, Pete Sinfield)

"Maybe It Was Magic" – 4:07 (Peter Brown, Pat Hurley)

Side Two (LP)

5."Let It Shine" – 3:58 (Austin Roberts, Bill LaBounty, Beckie Foster)

6."We Got a Way" – 3:50 (John Robinson, Franne Golde, Martin Walsh)

7."I Stand Alone" – 4:48 (Peter Cetera, Bruce Gaitsch)

8."Are You Gonna Throw It All Away" – 4:52 (Diane Warren, Albert Hammond)

9."If You Need Somebody Tonight" – 3:32 (Diane Warren, Albert Hammond)


Produced By Peter Cetera & Bruce Gaitsch



Two tracks were also recorded in Spanish for the Latin American market  

"La Ultima Véz"

("The Last Time")


"Yo No Fui Quién Dijo Adiós"

("I Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye)".




For the cover of the album and promotional interviews, Agnetha appeared with a "new" spiky blonde hair look. She made a very rare trip by plane to Los Angeles to record the album.




After it was completed, she never flew again due to her much-publicised fear of flying. She did, however, admit that the flight was worth it.


After the release of I Stand Alone in mid-1988 Agnetha had a well earned break.

In 1990, Agnetha married Swedish surgeon Tomas Sonnenfeld. They divorced in 1993. She also had a two year friendship with Dutchman Gert van der Graaf at the end of the 1990s . After Agnetha had decided to finish the friendship, he stalked her at her mansion, resulting in a court issuing Van der Graaf with a restraining order. He was arrested in 2003 and banned from entry into Sweden. In 2005, the deportation order from Sweden ran out, and within months Van der Graaf was again sighted near her estate in Ekerö.

Som jag är

In 1996, her autobiography Som jag är was published in Swedish 


Som jag är

Livsbilder berättade för Brita Åhman

Stockholm: Norstedts, 1996

ISBN 91-1-963842-6

160 pages

The first book written by an ABBA member! It includes many photos plus an extensive discography by Björn Waldenström.


In English the following year as

'As I Am

ABBA Before & Beyond'


Hardcover: 160 pages

Publisher: Virgin Books;

First Edition edition (October 1, 1997)

ISBN-10: 1852276541





The book was followed by several compilation CDs of her Swedish and English recordings.


My Love, My Life 

My Love, My Life is a compilation album released in 1996  for which Agnetha picked out the music herself. named after the ABBA song "My Love, My Life". The two-disc set features all her Swedish-language hits plus a small selection of later English language songs, including a few ABBA songs, such as "My Love, My Life" and "The Winner Takes It All".


Disc one

  1. "Introduktion"
  2. "Jag var så kär" (from 1968' Agnetha Fältskog)
  3. "Utan dej, mitt liv går vidare" (from 1968' Agnetha Fältskog)
  4. "Sonny Boy" (german single )
  5. "Allting har förändrat sig" (from 1968' Agnetha Fältskog)
  6. "En gång fanns bara vi två" (from 1969' Agnetha Fältskog vol. 2 )
  7. "Så här börjar Kärlek" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  8. "Om tårar vore guld" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  9. "En sång och en saga" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  10. "Jag ska göra allt" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  11. "Tänk va' skönt" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  12. "Många gånger än" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  13. "Tågen kan gå igen" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  14. "Jag ska inte fälla några tårar" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  15. "Dröm är dröm och saga saga" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  16. "Kanske var min kind lite het" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  17. "Vart skall min kärlek föra?" (from swedish 'Jesus Christ Superstar' re-recorded for single release 1973' Agnetha Fältskogs bästa & 1979' Tio år med Agnetha)
  18. "Så glad som dina ögon" (from 1973' Agnetha Fältskogs bästa & 1979' Tio år med Agnetha)
  19. "Tio mil kvar till Korpilombolo (B-side of 'Så glad som dina ögon' single)

Disc two

  1. "En sång om sorg och glädje" (from 1973' Agnetha Fältskogs bästa & 1979' Tio år med Agnetha) - Swedish Cover Sally Carr Feat. Middle of the Road in the Version "Union Silver"
  2. "SOS" (Swedish version) (from 1975' Elva kvinnor i ett hus)
  3. "Dom har glömt" (from 1975' Elva kvinnor i ett hus)
  4. "Visa i åttonde månaden" (from 1975' Elva kvinnor i ett hus)
  5. "Tack för en underbar vanlig dag" (from 1975' Elva kvinnor i ett hus)
  6. "När du tar mej i din famn" (from 1979' Tio år med Agnetha)
  7. "Disillusion" (from ABBA's Ring ring album)
  8. "My Love, My Life" (from ABBA's Arrival album)
  9. "The Winner Takes It All" (from ABBA's Super trouper album)
  10. "Never Again" (single ,bonus track on 2005 version of 1983' Wrap Your Arms Around Me)
  11. "The Day Before You Came" (from ABBA's single 18.10. 1982)
  12.  "Wrap Your Arms Around Me"
  13. "It's So Nice To Be Rich" (single ,available on 1996 compilation "That's me")
  14. "I Won't Let You Go" (from 1985' Eyes of a Woman)
  15. "The Way You Are" (Single Version of 1986)
  16. "Let It Shine" (from 1987' I Stand Alone )
  17. "Nu tändas tusen juleljus" (Agnetha and Linda from same name album)
  18. "På söndag" (Agnetha and christian) (from 1987' Kom följ med i vår karusell)

BONUS CD (available only for a short time in sweden)

  1. "När jag var fem" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  2. "Hjärtats saga" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  3. "Sov gott min lilla vän" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  4. "Ta det bara med ro" (from 1970' Som jag är)
  5. "Då finns du hos mig" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  6. "Kungens vaktparad" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  7. "Nya ord" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  8. "Sången föder dig tillbaka" (from 1971' När en vacker tanke blir en sång)
  9. "En egen trädgård" (from 1975' Elva kvinnor i ett hus)
  10. "Doktorn!" (from 1975' Elva kvinnor i ett hus)
  11. "Och han väntar på mig" (from 1975' Elva kvinnor i ett hus)
  12. "I Wasn't The One" (from 1987' I Stand Alone )
  13. "Någonting händer med mig " (single 1968(duet with Jörgen Edman)on the bonus cd of Agnetha Fältskog - De Första Åren & remaster of royal records of 1968' Agnetha Fältskog)
  14. "Mössens julafton" (Agnetha and Linda from same name album)
  15. "Tre vita råttor" (Agnetha and christian) (from 1987' Kom följ med i vår karusell)

The Queen of Hearts

1998 Universal/Polar released a greatest hits album titled "That's Me", featuring a new song "The Queen of Hearts" The song was not a brand new recording  but a demo that was recorded in 1981. The song, released as a single in 1998 peaked at #53 in the Swedish Singles Chart

Originally this song was a Swedish song called "När du tar mig i din famn" (When You Take Me in Your Arms), which was recorded in 1979 as part of the compilation Tio år med Agnetha.

The single also featured the songs "One Way Love", "I Won't Let You Go", and "Eyes of a Woman" from the 1985 album Eyes of a Woman.

The song was licenced from Sony Music Sweden as the original version was released on the 1979 compilation Tio år med Agnetha, which wrapped up her solo career with what was then CBS Cupol.

That's Me - The Greatest Hits

  1.  "The Heat Is On"
  2.  "The Last Time"
  3.  "Let It Shine"
  4.  "The Winner Takes It All" - ABBA
  5.  "I Wasn't The One (Who Said Good-Bye)" (Duet with Peter Cetera)
  6. "The Way You Are" (Duet with Ola Håkansson)
  7.  "It's So Nice To Be Rich"
  8.  "I Won't Let You Go"
  9. "Never Again" (Duet with Tomas Ledin)
  10. "Eyes Of A Woman"
  11.  "Slipping Through My Fingers" - ABBA
  12.  "One Way Love"
  13.  "Can't Shake Loose"
  14.  "Wrap Your Arms Around Me"
  15.  "The Queen Of Hearts"
  16.  "That's Me" - ABBA
  17. "Turn The World Around"
  18. "You're There"
  19. "Fly Like The Eagle" (Duet with Ola Håkansson)




In April 2004, Fältskog released a new single, "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" (a cover of the song originally recorded by Cilla Black). It peaked at number 2 in Sweden, number 11 in the UK, and became a sizeable hit throughout Europe. "It is exciting to hear her voice, utterly undimmed, delivering a tellingly-titled song," commented London's Music Week. 

CD-Maxi-single "red edition"

  1. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Album-Version] 3:15
  2. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Almighty Mix] 7:10
  3. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Almighty Dub] 7:09

CD-Maxi-single "yellow edition"

  1. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Album-Version] 3:15
  2. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Almighty Mix] 7:10
  3. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Almighty Dub] 7:09
  4. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Almighty Radio Edit] 3:55

CD-single "blue edition"

  1. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Album-Version] 3:15
  2. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Blue-Mix] 2:55


  1. "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" [Brian Rawling's Guitar Mix] 3:19

'My Colouring Book'

In 2004 Agnetha released her first album in 17 years, entitled My Colouring Book.


     My Colouring Book.
  1. My Colouring Book
  2. When You Walk in the Room
  3. If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind
  4. Sealed with a Kiss
  5. Love Me with All Your Heart
  6. Fly Me to the Moon
  7. Past, Present and Future
  8. A Fool Am I
  9. I Can't Reach Your Heart
  10. Sometimes When I'm Dreaming
  11. The End of the World
  12. Remember Me
  13. What Now My Love


My Colouring Book is the name of the 2004 album by  Agnetha Fältskog. It was her first album release for 17 years and was well received by ABBA fans, as well as the general music press, with renditions of songs which she had listened to during her teenage years in the 1960's.

Hit singles from the album were "If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind" (#11 in the UK) and "When You Walk in the Room" (UK #34), though many critics nominated "Sometimes When I'm Dreaming" as the stand out track, reminiscent of the quality of ABBA recordings, and was issued in Sweden as a promo-only single.

The album itself reached #12 in the UK, her highest charting album there.

It was announced that around 500,000 copies of the album were sold worldwide. During 2004, the album went silver in the UK for sales of over 60,000,while in her home country of Sweden, during its first week of release, it sold 64,000 copies and reached #1. My Colouring Book also reached #6 in Germany in May 2004.

The title song "My Colouring Book" is a cover of the song originally recorded by Dusty Springfield. "I love this record," enthused Pete Clark in London's Evening Standard, while Daily Mail pointed out that "it reveals a genuine affection for the era's forgotten pop tunes." The Times reviewer noted that "her voice is still an impressive pop instrument," and The Observer shared the same sentiment suggesting that "time hasn't diminished her perfect voice." Reviewing the release in The Guardian, Caroline Sullivan wrote: "Agnetha Fältskog has a vulnerability that gets under the skin of a song. She may be cheating a trifle by including no original material on this collection of 1960s covers, but if anyone can do justice to the likes of "Sealed with a Kiss", it's her. The soaring sentimentality evokes Cilla Black and Sandie Shaw in their mini-skirted pomp, and I don't say that lightly." The release attracted media attention across Europe, but Agnetha  refused to be involved in any extensive promotion of the album (including personal appearances), and thus limited her public exposure to several short newspaper interviews, a few videos and a Swedish-language low-key TV special. Yet, the album managed to sell more than 500,000 copies worldwide, 50,000 of those in the United Kingdom alone.


A second single release from the album, "When You Walk in the Room", peaked at number 11 in Sweden and also entered the UK Top 40. 

  1. When You Walk In The Room (Original Version) 3:23
  2. When You Walk In The Room (SoundFactory Radio Edit) 3:47
  3. When You Walk In The Room (SoundFactory Club Anthem) 8:40
  4. When You Walk In The Room (SoundFactory Dark Dub) 10:19
  5. When You Walk In The Room (SoundFactory Dub Instrumental) 8:39
  6. When You Walk In The Room (Radio Mix) 3:21
  7. When You Walk In The Room (Almighty Mix) 6:32
  8. When You Walk In The Room (Almighty Radio Edit) 3:15
  9. When You Walk In The Room (Almighty Dub) 6:33

  1. When You Walk In The Room (Original Version) 3:23
  2. When You Walk In The Room (SoundFactory Radio Edit) 3:47
  3. When You Walk In The Room (SoundFactory Club Anthem) 8:40
  4. When You Walk In The Room (SoundFactory Dub Instrumental) 8:39
  5. When You Walk In The Room (Almighty Mix) 6:32
  6. When You Walk In The Room (Almighty Radio Edit) 3:15
  7. When You Walk In The Room (Almighty Dub) 6:33
  8. When You Walk In The Room Video 3:23

"Sometimes When I'm Dreaming", originally recorded by Art Garfunkel, failed to be released as the third single from the album.

The song was released as a promo only which was issued to some Swedish radio-stations:



  1. Sometimes When I'm Dreaming [Soundfactory-Radio-Edit] 3:00


"Our Last Video."
 Shortly after this release, for the 2004 semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, staged in Istanbul 30 years after ABBA had won the contest in Brighton, Fältskog appeared briefly in a special comedy video made for the interval act, entitled "Our Last Video." Each of the four members of the group appeared briefly in cameo roles, as did others such as Cher and Rik Mayall. It was billed as the first time the four had worked together since the group split. In fact, while Bjorn and Benny filmed their more extensive parts together, Frida and Agnetha were filmed for a very short appearance separately and edited to appear together




In 2004, Agnetha was nominated for Best Nordic Artist at the Nordic Music Awards, and at Christmas of that year (for the first time in almost 20 years), she gave an extensive interview which was filmed by Swedish TV.








Around the same time, Sony Music released

a lavishlyproduced 6 CD boxed set comprising

Agnetha's Swedishsolo career before ABBA

(five original solo albums -1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1975 -

 and an additional compilation disc with bonus tracks)














CD 1: Agnetha Fältskog (1968)

  1. " Jag var så kär 3:18
  2. " Jag har förlorat dej 3:25
  3. " Utan dej mitt liv går vidare 2:47
  4. " Allting har förändrat sej 3:10
  5. " Försonade 2:57
  6. " Slutet gott allting gott 1:43
  7. " Tack Sverige 3:00
  8. " En sommar med dej 3:20
  9. " Snövit och de sju dvärgarna 3:07
  10. " Min farbror Jonathan 2:31
  11. " Följ med mig 1:35
  12. " Den jag väntat på 2:24

CD 2: Agnetha Fältskog Vol. 2 (1969)

  1. " Fram för svenska sommaren 2:26
  2. " Lek med dina dockor 2:15
  3. " Ge dej till tåls 2:25
  4. " Skål kära vän 2:05
  5. " Glöm honom 2:15
  6. " En gång fanns bara vi två 2:41
  7. " Hjärtats kronprins 2:35
  8. " Det handlar om kärlek 2:26
  9. " Som en vind kom du till mig 3:24
  10. " Agnetha – Señor Gonzales 2:28
  11. " Zigenarvän 2:54
  12. " Tag min hand låt oss bli vänner 2:14

CD 3: Som jag är (1970)

  1. " Som ett eko 3:09
  2. " När jag var fem 3:08
  3. " En sång och en saga 3:35
  4. " Tänk va' skönt 3:21
  5. " Ta det bara met ro 2:10
  6. " Om tårar vore guld 3:27
  7. " Hjärtats saga 2:18
  8. " Spela vår sång 2:18
  9. " Agnetha Fältskog med Björn Ulvaeus – Så här börjar kärlek 2:31
  10. " Du ska minnas mig 3:11
  11. " Jag ska göra allt 3:46
  12. " Sov gott min lilla vän 2:44

CD 4: När en vacker tanke blir en sång (1971)

  1. " Många gånger än 2:35
  2. " Jag vill att du skall bli lyckig 3:05
  3. " Kungens vaktparad 2:40
  4. " Mitt sommarland 2:23
  5. " Nya ord 2:13
  6. " Jag skall inte fälla några tårar 1:59
  7. " Då finns du hos mig 2:30
  8. " Han lämnar mig för att komma till dig 3:03
  9. " Kanske var min kind lite het 3:07
  10. " Sången föder dig tillbaka 3:13
  11. " Tågen kan gå igen 3:06
  12. " Dröm är dröm, och saga saga 3:25

CD 5: Elva kvinnor i ett hus (1975)

  1. " S.O.S. 3:23
  2. " En egen trädgård 2:35
  3. " Tack för en underbar, vanlig dag 2:39
  4. " Gulleplutt 2:56
  5. " Är du som han? 2:50
  6. " Och han väntar på mej 3:03
  7. " Doktorn! 2:51
  8. " Mina ögon 3:04
  9. " Dom har glömt 3:49
  10. " Var det med dej? 3:39
  11. " Visa i åttonde månaden 3:57

CD 6 (bonus cd)

  1. " När du tar mej i din famn (A. Fältskog/Ingela "Pling" Forsman) 4:07
  2. " Tio mil kvar till Korpilombolo (A. Fältskog/B.Ulvaeus/P.Himmelstrand) 3:00
  3. " Vart ska min kärlek föra (Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice/Britt G Hallqvist) 3:20
  4. " En sång om sorg och glädje (Mario Chepstone/Giosy Capuano/Mike Shepstone/S. Anderson) 3:45
  5. " Någonting händer med mej (Alan Moorehouse/Bo-Göran Edling) (with Jörgen Edman) 2:35
  6. " Litet solskenbarn (Peter Howlett Smith/Karl Gerhard Lundkvist) (B.side of 'Om tårar vore guld') 3:10
  7. " Så glad som dina ögon (A. Fältskog/Kenneth Gärdestad) (B.side of 'Tio mil kvar till Korpilombolo') 3:00
  8. " Nu ska du bli stilla (Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice/Britt G Hallqvist) 3:48
  9. " Sjung denna sång (Sonny Bono/Charles Greene/Brian Stone/A. Fältskog) (with Jörgen Edman) 2:40
  10. " Vi har hunnit fram till refängen (Neil Sedaka/Howard Greenfield/S. Anderson) 4:06
  11. " Here For Your Love (A. Fältskog/Bosse Carlgren) 2:54
  12. " Golliwog (A. Fältskog/Bosse Carlgren) 2:55
  13. " The Queen Of Hearts (A. Fältskog/Ingela "Pling" Forsman) 3:20
  14. " Det var såhär det började (Intervjuer och radioinslag) 4:58
  15. " Borsta tandtrollen bort 1:52


The following year(2005) her three albums released on Polar Music (the Christmas album Nu tändas tusen juleljus – recorded with her daughter Linda – Wrap Your Arms Around Me and Eyes Of A Woman) were re-released with bonus tracks by Universal/Polar.



2005 Agnetha attended the opening night of Mamma Mia! in Stockholm

In January 2007, she appeared at the final performance of Mamma Mia! in Stockholm (as she had at its opening in 2005).

Together with ex-husband and former colleague Björn Ulvaeus, she appeared on stage at the after show party held at Stockholm's Grand Hotel.

She also sang a duet, "True Love", with Tommy Körberg of Chess.


In November 2007 she attended a 20th anniversary party for Swedish channel TV3, and was seen dancing to ABBA tribute act Björn Again. 

Since her 2004 “comeback” album My Colouring Book, Agnetha has remained silent musically .


On July 4,2008, Agnetha joined former colleagues Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson at the Swedish premiere of the film version of Mamma Mia!, held at the Rival Theatre (owned by Benny) in Mariatorget, Stockholm.

Agnetha arrived early then came out with Frida to greet Meryl Streep, the three dancing in front of thousands of fans before joining the film's other stars and Benny and Björn on the hotel balcony for the first photograph of all four ABBA members together in 22 years.


My Very Best

In October 2008, a new compilation album, My Very Best, was released in Sweden. The double CD contains both Swedish (CD 1) and English-language hits (CD 2) from her whole solo career, from 1967 to 2004. It successfully entered as number 4 on the Swedish albums chart and was certified gold within the first week of its release


CD 1

1."SOS" (Swedish version)Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, Stig Anderson

Elva kvinnor i ett hus (1975)  3:24

2."Var det med dej?"  Agnetha Fältskog, Bosse Carlgren

Elva kvinnor i ett hus (1975) 3:39

3."När du tar mig i din famn"  Agnetha Fältskog, Ingela Forsman

Tio år med Agnetha (1979)  4:07

4."Många gånger än"  Agnetha Fältskog, Peter Himmelstrand

När en vacker tanke blir en sång (1971)  2:35

5."En sång om sorg och glädje"  Mario Capuano, Giosy Capuano, Stig Anderson

Agnetha Fältskogs bästa (1973)  4:06

6."Dröm är dröm, och saga saga"  Gianluigi Guarnieri, Pier Paolo Preti, Stig Anderson

När en vacker tanke blir en sång (1971)  3:25

7."Doktorn!"  Agnetha Fältskog, Bosse Carlgren

Elva kvinnor i ett hus (1975)  2:51

8."Tack för en underbar vanlig dag"  Agnetha Fältskog, Bosse Carlgren

Elva kvinnor i ett hus (1975)  2:39

9."Så glad som dina ögon"  Agnetha Fältskog, Kenneth Gärdestad

single only (1972)  3:00

10."Vart ska min kärlek föra" (Swedish version of I Don't Know How To Love Him)

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice, Britt G Hallqvist

single only (1972)  3:20

11."Tio mil kvar till Korpilombolo"  Agnetha Fältskog, Peter Himmelstrand, Björn Ulvaeus

single only (1972)  3:00

12."Så här börjar kärlek" (with Björn Ulvaeus)Peter Himmelstrand

Som jag är (1970)  2:31

13."Sången föder dig tillbaka"  Agnetha Fältskog, Börje Carlsson

När en vacker tanke blir en sång (1971)  3:13

14."Dom har glömt"  Agnetha Fältskog, Bosse Carlgren

Elva kvinnor i ett hus (1975)  3:49

15."Om tårar vore guld"  Agnetha Fältskog

Som jag är (1970)  3:27

16."Allting har förändrat sig"  Karl Gerhard Lundkvist

Agnetha Fältskog (1968)  3:10

17."Fram för svenska sommaren"  

Jack E Lit, Lou Herscher, Ruth Grahm, Karl Gerhard Lundkvist

Agnetha Fältskog Vol. 2 (1969)  2:26

18."Jag var så kär"  Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Fältskog (1968)  3:19

CD 2

1."Wrap Your Arms Around Me"  Mike Chapman, Holly Knight

Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1983)  5:16

2."Little White Secrets"  Ellen Schwartz, Roger Bruno, Susan Pomerantz

I Stand Alone (1987)  4:04

3."Can't Shake Loose"  Russ Ballard

Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1983)  4:21

4."The Heat Is On"  Florrie Palmer, Tony Ashton

Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1983)  3:53

5."If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind"  John Cameron

My Colouring Book (2004)  3:13

6."I Stand Alone"  Peter Cetera, Bruce Gaitsch

I Stand Alone (1987)  4:48

7."Mr. Persuasion"  Susan Lynch, Larry Whitman

Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1983)  2:41

8."I Won't Let You Go"   Agnetha Fältskog, Eric Stewart

Eyes Of A Woman (1985)  3:39

9."If You Need Somebody Tonight"  Diane Warren, Albert Hammond

I Stand Alone (1987)  3:32

10."Never Again" (with Tomas Ledin)Tomas Ledin

The Human Touch (1982)  3:52

11."Let It Shine"  Austin Roberts, Bill LaBounty, Beckie Foster

I Stand Alone (1987) 3:58

12."Take Good Care Of Your Children"  Tomas Ledin

Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1983)  3:43

13."Sometimes When I'm Dreaming"  Mike Batt

My Colouring Book (2004)  3:11

14."The Way You Are" (with Ola Håkansson) Norell Oson Bard

single only (1986) 3:45

15."I Won't Be Leaving You"  Eric Stewart, Agnetha Fältskog   

 Eyes Of A Woman (1985)5:34

16."When You Walk In The Room"  Jackie DeShannon 

 My Colouring Book (2004)  3:34

17."The Winner Takes It All" (ABBA Version)Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus

Super Trouper (1980)  4:55



In January 2010, Agnetha appeared onstage together with Frida at Swedish Rockbjörnen Awards to receive a lifetime honorary award for ABBA, and even giving a short, interview.




In February 2010, ABBA World, an extensive multi-million pound exhibition, debuted at London's Earls Court and included an extensive interview with Agnetha filmed in Sweden the previous summer.

For the exhibition's Melbourne launch, she recorded a light-hearted opening film together with former ABBA colleague Benny Andersson, shot in Stockholm in June 2010.



In October 2010, Agnetha was at the opening of Mamma Mia! the musical in Denmark with former husband Ulvaeus




In 2012 she was awarded "Modelegand "(fashion legend/Icon) by Elle magazine (Sweden).


Agnetha continues her private life on the island of Ekerö, just outside Stockholm, which is not the isolated, lonely island of myth, but a populated area on the eastern outskirts of Stockholm. Occasionally she turns up at nightclubs, parties or media events, belying her “recluse” reputation.


but otherwise she remains withdrawn from public life.